Flight tactics

situational awareness and intelligence

Real-time data and visualizations through both autonomous and crewed platforms no matter what the mission

Overwatch Intelligence

Aerial Support

Over 20 years of experience in providing incident management, overwatch support, and aerial intelligence with the latest in technologies including TAK, ATAK and SARTopo Support

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A Flight Controller showing a large crowd on the screen. Behind it is a large case showing mapping software and the same video stream image
An infrared picture of the top of a trailer with various hotspots on the roof vents highlighted

Efficient Outcomes

Inspections and Maintenance

Rapidly identify the extent of performance of roof systems, solar panels and more with high resolution imagery and FLIR inspections

Aerial Insights

Latest Articles

Get insights into integration of aerial intelligence into your missions with our latest article from our blog: Object Identification for Search and Rescue

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